TRAINING launched the first wave listener training course gain knowledge IN Enforcement (auto-translate)

"You had the great honor to be the first in the ranks of those who expressed a desire to try and become a private competitors. I sincerely wish all success. You have a unique opportunity to become the first members of the profession will continue to set the tone and values of the profession of private enforcement in Ukraine ", - said Sergey Shkliar.

 Deputy Minister stressed that the reform of state executive service, which is conducted by the Ministry of Justice, aims to radically change the system of enforcement of judgments and decisions of other organs. The main innovation of comprehensive reform is the introduction of private enforcement, which will operate alongside state executive service.

 "In countries which experience we learned and where it works, the profession of private artist - respected and prestigious legal profession. I am convinced that it will be in Ukraine ", - said Sergey Shkliar.

 According to the Director of the Law Institute of Postgraduate Education and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine Kateryna Chizhmar, procedure of admission to the profession of private enforcement are several steps that need to go through to become a private contractor. This training, internship and qualification exam.

 "Today we begin the first phase - training, it should take place without exception. Your training will be conducted for 23 days at the Institute of Law and Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The structure of the faculty who read lectures you, we attract not only scholars, professionals and practitioners but who have years of experience in execution of court decisions ", - said the director of the Institute.

 According to Catherine Chizhmar currently Institute formed three streams of students training courses to 210 people in each stream. Continues receiving applications and forming a fourth stream. The approved schedule of courses for each stream. This activity is completely transparent, it is controlled by the Ministry of Justice, all information is open and available at the Ministry of Justice and the Institute.

After completing training to become a willing private performers should undergo training and pass a qualifying exam. However, on the probation exempt persons with experience of the bailiff, a lawyer, notary or trustee at least one year.

 "The question qualification exam for preparing a well-known NGO Ukrainian examination network supported by the OSCE. Each question has passed the theoretical part of 2-3 independent review of all questions were tested by various experts, both academics and practitioners. According to their estimates, the exam difficult. So I advise you not to waste time and carefully prepare for the exam, "- said Sergey Shkliar. He also said that by the end of the day on the Ministry of Justice will issue for examination of case examples and practical problems.

Director of the Department of Justice and National Security Oleksandr Oliynyk called on all present to treat very seriously the work of the private artist.

 "In you will see all of you will take an example, you will require strict compliance with laws and strict achieve that goal, which set a reform. Because of us, Ministry of Justice, to you as the first graduates will be as meticulous attitude because we are responsible for this reform, "- said Alexander Oleinik