Prepius advises on the full range of legal issues, across all sectors, including banking and finance, corporate and M&A, antitrust and competition, real estate and land, intellectual property, tax, commercial and contracts, EU and international trade, telecommunications, environmental protection and natural resources, insolvency and bankruptcy, criminal law and prosecution.

Private Executive Service of Ukraine

Prepius specializes in providing debt collection services, including at the stage of court support and in the process of enforcement of decisions, as the final stage of court proceedings.

Thanks to a systematic approach to the formation of business processes, we provide services in every region of Ukraine. In addition, thanks to our IT development and extensive cooperation with many private contractors, we are able to process a large number of enforcement documents.

The main principle of our activity is to protect the rights of the creditor.

Private bailiffs
Private judgment enforcement services

Prepius has created a unique full-cycle eco-system for the activities of private performers in Ukraine. Thanks to the horizontally integrated cooperation between all partners of the company and the constantly evolving infrastructure base, we have created an array of necessary conditions for the effective work of a private contractor. In addition, one of the axiomatic principles of our company and its partners is to maintain an impeccable business reputation of all parties to the business process. Due to these factors, we can say that the clients of private contractors who are Prepius partners will receive objective additional guarantees in the field of execution of decisions and can minimize all associated risks.

Legal services

This product applies to large and / or corporate cases.

In such cases, all stages of execution are agreed with the client (collector) individually (unless otherwise agreed). Due to the fact that Prepius has a complete infrastructure for work in many areas of law, arbitration and judicial representation, we are able to comprehensively address such complex issues at all stages.

Unsecured debt portfolios

Prepius Law Firm provides services for the representation of clients' interests in litigation and arbitration, support of enforcement proceedings, as well as recognition and enforcement of decisions of Ukrainian courts and decisions of international arbitration institutions.

Debt recovery
Legal consulting
We cooperate with
Leasing companies

One of our main clients is leasing companies. Since 2011, we have accumulated positive and mutually beneficial experience of cooperation with many leasing companies in the Ukrainian market. Our team has actual experience in resolving the full range of legal issues facing leasing and financial business in the field of problem debt and its control.


We are proud of our positive experience of cooperation with many banks in the Ukrainian market. In this area, our portfolio continues to grow and we pay great attention to this business sector in Ukraine.

Financial companies

In modern Ukraine, financial companies are one of the progressive areas of business. For our part, we are able to provide such companies with a full range of effective and professional legal services.