Private experiences learn best experience of european countries

On September 25-28, the Ministry of Justice, at the invitation of the State Enterprise "Lithuanian Center of Registers" (Lithuanian Republic), with the support of the EU Project "Support to Justice Reforms", organized a study visit of the first private executives and representatives of the NAIS to the Lithuanian republic.

The purpose of the visit is to familiarize participants with the peculiarities of the procedures of executive proceedings and the construction of a system of self-government of private performers, as well as the development and functioning of a unified system of state registries and an automated system of executive proceedings and forced debiting of funds.

Participants of the visit visited the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania, where they became acquainted with the system of forced execution in general and the peculiarities of qualification and disciplinary procedures. The ways and best practices of cooperation between the Ministry and the community of private performers, as well as the issue of determining the size of remuneration of private performers, were discussed separately.

Most attention during the visit was paid to the study of the unified system of state registers of the Republic of Lithuania implemented and administered by the State Enterprise "Lithuanian Center of Registers" (Lithuanian Republic). Main registries in the country (land registry, real estate register, register of movable property, register of addresses, register voters register of enterprises, register of bank accounts, register of owners of weapons, register of power of attorney, register of contracts, etc.) are currently being consolidated into a single system administered by a single state enterprise - "Center eyestriv Lithuania ". This enterprise also administers an automated system of executive proceedings, which is mandatory for use by all private executors of the country, and allows them to receive instant access to the most significant data, first of all, to data on assets and debit bank accounts. Due to such automation and unification, for example, arrest of debtors' main assets takes place in minutes, and the entire procedure of enforcement proceedings in many cases ends on the second day since its inception (using the system of automatic debiting of funds from debit bank accounts). During the presentations and visiting of the office of the acting private executor, all participants of the visit saw the passage of all stages of the automated enforcement proceedings and clearly saw the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.

The law firm "Todo Group" has the honor to cooperate and provide legal and technical support to one of the first acting private executives of the Kiev executive district, Kraychynsky Sergey Stanislavovich, who was a member of the Ukrainian delegation. Thanks to that, we were able to hear the professional opinion in our work from the very first, concerning the work of the Association of Private Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Lithuania visited by the participants of the visit. And most importantly, the opinion of a person is not indifferent to the establishment of the Association, the preparation of draft statutes and the Code of Ethics of private performers regarding the establishment and functioning of a similar self-governance system that should be built in Ukraine in the near future.

We sincerely hope that the knowledge and experience gained will be highly relevant and timely before the regional and general congresses of private performers.

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