The Ministry of Justice will launch advertising of the profession of private enforcement agent

The Ministry of Justice will conduct an advertising campaign to popularize the profession of private performers and to expedite the appearance of competition among public executives.

About it Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine, reports BusinessCensor.

"We made a decision to do an advertising campaign - to invite lawyers, as it turned out that they are more conservative looking at this profession ... I would very much like to have 1 000 private performers next year, then they would have been a serious competition for public executives "- said Petrenko.

According to the minister, according to the preliminary plan, it was supposed that by the end of this year there will be more than 200 active private executives on the market, compared with about 4,000 state-owned enterprises, however, while their number is almost twice as low.

"It is a good will for applicants to take exams, so while we have a little more than 115-120 private performers who have successfully passed exams and have access to the profession," the minister stated.

Petrenko clarified that the Ministry of Justice has begun recruiting in this profession since the beginning of this year, and more than 1.1 thousand people were trained and trained.

Persons: lawyers, lawyers, arbitration managers, persons who previously worked in the system of state executive service.

"If you look at geography, there are already more or fewer private performers in each oblast, and in cities with more than one million people they are logical, since they have more opportunities to get jobs and execute court decisions," the head of the Ministry of Justice said.

Petrenko said that now it's too early to assess the effectiveness of private executives, since they have actually started enforcing court decisions since September. At the same time, an analysis of the work of private executives in Lviv was carried out, which showed that the speed of execution of a court decision on average is up to two weeks - several times faster than the state executors work.

"If there were at least 1,000 to 1,200 private executives, this would have formed a relevant competitive market throughout the country. I expect the first private executives who took risks and will now show the result, will be an example for others and will demonstrate that they will come to this profession. profitable ", - said the head of the Ministry of Justice.

As reported, banks working in the field of retail lending, expect with the help of private executors to accelerate the collection of debts of natural persons on already taken in favor of banks, court decisions.

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