Minute to introduce electronic arrest of accounts using croatia experience

The Ministry of Justice will take over the experience of Croatia in introducing a system of electronic bank arrests. This was reported by the Director of the Department of Justice and National Security Oleksandr Oliynyk after the working visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Justice to the Republic of Croatia.

According to him, after the introduction of electronic arrest in this country, the situation with execution of judgments has improved significantly. Since the beginning of 2011, out of 8.1 million documents for collection totaling EUR 39.7 billion, the number of executed documents amounted to almost 7 million documents (82%) worth over 23 billion euros (58%).

"This was made possible by the fact that the Financial Agency, the leading Croatian company in the field of financial intermediation, has the ability to provide banks with an electronic order to block funds within 60 minutes. As the process takes place within a few minutes, the debtor has no opportunity to withdraw funds from the accounts ", - said Alexander Oliynyk.

He added that, just a few years after the introduction of e-arrest of funds estimated by the World Bank's Doing Business 2017 report, Croatia rose from 52th to 7th place.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Justice Sergei Shklyar noted that the introduction of a single system of electronic arrests of bank accounts is critical for Ukraine and the visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Justice to Croatia provided an opportunity to study in detail the practical aspects and basic technical algorithms for organizing the work of such a system.

"The introduction of electronic arrest of bank accounts will significantly contribute to improving the enforcement of court decisions, since, despite the fact that within the framework of the enforcement of the decisions for enforcement, clear and short-term deadlines for enforcement are established, the decision on the arrest of the debtor's funds is still directed by the executors to the banking institutions by post. or delivered personally. And it takes time and can lead to the withdrawal of funds from accounts with the debtor. Therefore, I support the introduction of the system of electronic arrest of debtors' funds at the legislative level, "said Sergiy Shklyar.

He also added that the institution of private performers was introduced in Ukraine for the effective enforcement of judgments. Currently, 73 persons are included in the Unified Register of private enforcement and Ukraine has begun its work. According to the Deputy Minister, the emergence of private performers along with the state will create a competitive environment, which will provide more quality and efficient services and shorten the deadlines for implementation of the decisions.

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