Round Table Discussion of the Code of Professional Ethics of Private Entrepreneurs Analysis of the project "

Representatives of the Ministry of Justice, private executives, and experts discussed the draft Code of professional ethics of private performers.

The event took place at the LEAGUE press center.

During the round table it was noted that the Ministry of Justice is on the "final stage of the formation of the profession". It is about creating self-governing bodies, in particular, the Association of Private Entrepreneurs of Ukraine, provided for by law.

Recall that on October 5, 2016, the Law on Enforcement Proceedings and the Law "On Bodies and Persons Enforcing Enforcement of Court Decisions and Decisions of Other Bodies" came into force, aimed at reforming the executive service.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the convening of the first regional congresses of private performers should be announced in the coming days. During the congresses elected representatives who will be members of the governing bodies of the association. In the future, the All-Ukrainian Congress is expected to form the Association of Private Performers, adopt the statute and the Code of Professional Ethics for private performers.

The representative of the Ministry of Justice stressed that the Code is one of the most important documents of the profession. "The Ministry of Justice wants to follow this best world practice, and we, for our part, want from the very first days of the existence of self-governing institutions, we have both the association's statute and the code of ethics for private performers. which was joined by our partners ", - said the representative of the ministry.

In turn, the director of the Center for Commercial Law Valentyn Danishevskaya pointed to the importance of developing the Code, taking into account the views of the professional community and society as a whole. "It's very important to unite this vision: how we see ourselves and what the society expects from us," she emphasized.

According to Valentina Danishevskaya, on the one hand, the Code introduces high standards of professional activity, on the other hand, ensures public trust in the profession.

She also said that the draft Code, developed in the light of world practice, was put forward for discussion.

"We addressed issues such as relationships with colleagues in our project, qualifications and professional competence, independence and conflict of interest, public relations and media relations, preservation of confidentiality, relationships with participants in enforcement proceedings, diligence and adequacy of executive activities, efficiency , popularization of the profession and the prohibition of advertising ", - said Valentyn Danishevskaya, adding that it is also proposed to create a commission on ethics.

Later, during the round table presentation of the Code of professional ethics of private performers was presented; presentation of practical work on the draft Code; discussion of the submitted project, making proposals; presentation of examples from world experience.

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