The arrested property will be sold on private sites

SETAM will sell small-scale privatization enterprises

The Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economic Development, the State Enterprise "SETAM" and the government-public initiative "Together Against Corruption" signed a "road map" on cooperation in the field of sale of the seized property.

As a result of the implementation of the "road map" SE "SETAM" will trade small-scale privatization enterprises and property of FGVFL, and independent sites will be able to sell the arrested property.

The Memorandum, in particular, provides for the interaction of electronic platforms through the opening API, as well as the connection of SE "SETAM" as an operator to the ETS "Prozorro.Prodazhi", for the implementation of small-scale privatization facilities and assets of liquidated banks. It also provides for the improvement of the Procedure for the Sale of Arrested Property, the distribution of the functions of the administrator of the central database of the electronic trading system and the auction organizer, the transfer of the electronic auction system of the seized property to administration to another business entity.

In addition, the Justice Ministry has already approved changes in the procedure for the sale of the property seized.

The corresponding order of the Ministry of Justice of June 18, 2018 No. 1859/5 will come into force from the date of its official publication. SE "SETAM" together with the Department of State Executive Service of the Ministry of Justice will be 3 months to ensure the implementation of this order.

The agent and partner of the organizer of electronic auctions can be business entities regardless of the form of ownership. The Order approved model agreements for the provision of agency and partner services.

Remuneration for the organization and conduct of electronic trading (bidding at a fixed price) is set as a percentage of the sale price of the lot.

The amount of the organizer's remuneration will be up to 5% of the value of the sold property and may be reviewed annually by the Ministry of Justice on the basis of financial indicators of the sale of the property seized last year, but it can not be more than 5%. If the winner's price offer was submitted via the organizer's website, the organizer receives 5%. In case the winner submitted an application through the partner's site or with the assistance of the agent - 4% of the value of the sold property.

The partner's remuneration will amount to 1% of the value of the sold property and arises on the condition that the winner applied for participation in electronic trading through his website.

The remuneration of the agent is 1% of the value of the property sold and arises provided that the winner has applied for participation in electronic trading with his assistance.

If the partner's remuneration under the contract is less than 1% of the value of the sold property, the difference between the actual remuneration and the maximum possible amount of remuneration is transferred by the organizer to the account of the corresponding department of the state executive service or private contractor.

Source: LIGAzakon

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