By 2017, only 6 (!) Percent of court decisions in civil and commercial cases were performed in Ukraine. Even if the court made a decision in your favor and decided to reimburse or recover a certain amount or property, it absolutely does not mean anything. In 2017, the percentage of executed court decisions rose to 18 - three times. And this was the result of the reform of the executive service and the emergence of private performers. One can say that the state monopoly on this profession is broken. Just as happened with notaries and dentists.

Money from bank accounts of debtors will be debited automatically. The introduction of such a system was announced in the Ministry of Justice. The department explained that the electronic database would allow executors to block funds on the accounts of enterprises and individuals, passing a long bureaucratic procedure.

March 13, 2018, the VIII International Conference "PROBLEM DEBT MANAGEMENT. INNOVATIONS 2018". The organizer of the conference was the company "Business Format". In turn, the company "TODA group" was honored to take part and act as a sponsor of the conference.

The Supreme Court faces certain conflicts in the interpretation of the procedure for collecting executive fees.