he Ministry of Justice explained the procedure for interaction between public and private executors with banking institutions during the seizure of accounts and obtaining information on debtors' accounts.

From April in Ukraine there are changes to the procedure for automated seizure of debtors' funds in bank accounts, introduced by the order of the Ministry of Justice dated 23.03.2021 № 1061/5.

In Ukraine, approaches to organizing the activities of the Disciplinary Commission of Private Performers are changing.

We continue to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the work of our foreign colleagues. Martin Leichon - served as Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Association of Bailiffs of the High Court of England and Wales (High Court enforcement officers Association). And since last year he has been acting as the Complaints Officer.

Oleksiy Solomko, a well-known lawyer in the field of enforcement, spoke about the peculiarities of bankruptcy of individuals in Ukraine. How the updated code works, what practice already exists in Ukraine.