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Due to the change in the type of joint-stock company, PrivatBank changes its official name from PJSC CB "PRIVATBANK" to JSC CB "PRIVATBANK". According to the bank's press service, according to the new version of the Bank's Articles of Association registered on June 14, its full official name JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK "PRIVATBANK", the shortened official name of the bank - JSC "PrivatBank" Bank.

"The reorganization of the form of a joint-stock company and the name of the bank is due to changes in the legislation of Ukraine, which, from the beginning of 2018, introduces additional requirements for public joint stock companies, which until recently was PrivatBank," the bank's press service notes. - The form of organization of the bank as a private joint stock company is most consistent with its status of a bank with one hundred percent state property. "(Detailed information is available at

In accordance with Article 15 of the Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings", if the party of the enforcement proceedings changed the name (for a legal person) or the surname, name or patronymic (for an individual), the executor, in the presence of supporting documents, amends his decision the name of the party to the enforcement proceedings.

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