The absence of a collector as a person in favor of a court decision, the financial ability to pay an advance payment should not prevent the exercise of his right to execute a court decision.

The fact that France was given for 200 years, the Association of Private Performers of Ukraine hopes to master in a much smaller time period.

Most people are convinced that winning a court and making a decision in their favor completes such a debilitating and difficult process in protecting and restoring their rights. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian reality proves another

Recently, a year and a half ago, the Institute of Private Executors in the System of Forced Enforcement of Decisions in Ukraine began to celebrate. In the general perception, such a term is still insignificant, even less than medium-term business projects. However, during this time, the institution of private performers has already taken its place in the minds of the Ukrainian inhabitants. Therefore, when it comes to the system of enforcement of decisions in Ukraine, mandatory clarification is required - public or private.

The current Law of Ukraine "On Agrarian Receipts" was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on November 6, 2012. Then lawmakers introduced in Ukraine a fundamentally new instrument for lending to agricultural producers, on which the future harvest is pledged.